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Hi, I'm Georgi and I build things on the web with JavaScript, React and Vue.

I believe that however we build apps on the web, they always end up in the hands of humans and it's crucial that we address web performance and page load times.

I write articles about 🚁 FPV quads (building and flying), 💻 web development, 🏠 smart home automation, 👨‍🎓️ life-long learning and other topics from my personal experience.

By day I work as a web developer and by night I learn and experiment with web tech. If you are interested in my skills here's what I have come across along the years.

I hope you find interesting articles around here. If you have any questions, you can always find me as @jumpalottahigh on Twitter and on Github.

This blog was a joy to build using Gatsby 💜 (a React based static site generator) and is hosted on Firebase 🔥.

For more FPV related goodness, make sure you checkout which I recently launched!

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Additionally, the Eternal Archives section of the blog hosts a bunch of unedited content (fan fiction, music and programming) from the early 2000s when I was only 15 - 17.

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