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My FPV drone gear for 2019

July 10, 2019 ⌛⌛⌛ 12 min read
Last updated: February 02, 2020

The gear I use in 2019 and the quads I fly the most! To get a sense of how I fly, follow FPVTIPS on Instagram or have a look at these Georgi FPV videos on YouTube. We are gonna take a look at anything from quads, goggles, and transmitters to props, batteries and other accessories.

Georgi's drones on the wall

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🔥 = highly recommended (a mix of high quality and great value for money)

🤓 Goggles & antennas

skyzone sky02x goggles

The Skyzone SKY02X goggle are some of the best mid range priced goggles in 2019. They are very comfortable, have bright screens with clear picture, decent built in diversity modules, plenty of buttons that make it very easy to adjust various functions and even a camera you can use as a passthrough to see the real world, while wearing the goggles.

aomway commander goggles

Been using the Aomway Commanders for over a year and I love them. Great value, in terms of what you get for how much you pay. Bonus points for being a complete package - comes with a built-in diversity receiver module. No need to buy your own module on top of buying the goggles.

aomway clover leaf antenna

realacc triple feed patch antenna

antenna angle bracket

So you don’t have to bend your antennas again.

All those antenna options are pretty solid, been using some of those for almost 2 years, still no issues.

📡 Transmitters

Taranis X-Lite

I started testing the X-Lite on April 6th, 2019 and kind of switched to it as my main radio since then. It’s actually a pretty awesome radio with a different form factor than most traditional radios, but also full-featured. Read the full review and set up guide.

Taranis Q X7

I loved my Taranis Q X7, used it for over a year, recently switched to X-Lite, but might still fly my Q X7 every once in a while, it’s still a great radio and an awesome value for money. How to set up the Taranis Q X7.

🚁 Drones

Emax Hawk 5 with RunCam 5

Started testing the Emax Hawk 5 in June 2019. I immediately fell in love with the tune and the Avan Flow 5 props on it. The quad itself has high-quality parts, the build quality is very good and the tune is outstanding. Great value for money and a highly recommended purchase for beginners and more advanced pilots alike. Read the full review and setup guide.

  • Mobula7 HD 🔥🔥🔥 (micro 2S / 3S quad, cinewhoop)

Mobula7 HD with Gemfan props

Mobula7 HD in case with a lot of BetaFPV 2S 350 mah batteries

The Mobula7 HD was my first cinewhoop, my 2nd quad from HappyModel, and my 4th micro drone. I absolutely love flying it! Even though it’s a micro quad, it flies really almost like a 5-inch quad. You can fly it safely in parks and playgrounds and even somewhat close around other people without being scared of injuring anyone. Read my full review and setup guide or Watch the video review on FPVTIPS.

Eachine Wizard x220

I have crashed my wizard so many times, as it was my learning quad, and I have swapped out so many of its parts that it is hardly a wizard anymore. Nevertheless, I still love flying it.

Eachine Trashcan

I loved flying my Trashcan last winter. Read the full review.

🔩 Custom Build Drone “Phoenix” Parts:

My custom drone build

This was my first quad build from 2018, still alive and kicking and I still love flying it! The parts list is below. It will cost you about $270 to build in parts alone. You can definitely build for cheaper, but this build was focused on good value high-quality components. Read about my experience building this quad.

Parts list:

🔋 Batteries

I currently fly mostly these battery brands.


CNHL, Infinity and Turnigy 4S lipo batteries


happymodel 3s battery


betafpv 2s batteries


GNB 1s battery

Radio batteries

18500 Li-Ion 1200mAh batteries

18500 Li-Ion 1200mAh batteries


Realacc Waterproof and Fireproof Lipo Bag

🔌 Chargers

I mostly don’t do parallel charging yet, except on 1S batteries. I prefer charging 2 batteries at a time on separate chargers.

imax B6 LiPro Balance Charger

Charsoon 2-4S Li-poly/Li-ion Battery Charger

XTAR USB Battery Charger For 18500, 18650 Battery

XT60 to banana plug, XT30 to banana plug and XT60 to DC barrel jack

📷 Cameras

RunCam 5

RunCam 5 is pretty awesome, especially having in mind it costs only $99. Read the full review and setup guide or subscribe to FPVTIPS on YouTube for the upcoming video review. In addition you can watch this RunCam 5 vs RunCam Split 2 comparison video or this playlist showcasing all of RunCam 5’s different resolution settings.

🔨 Tools

Eachine ROTG02

The Eachine ROTG02 is very useful for recording DVR (or just watching and sharing with other people) on your smartphone. They have an iPhone version as well. I’m using the Android version on my Pixel 3. Read more how to set it up and which app to use.

🎒 Backpack

Realacc FPV Racing Backpack with 3 mini quads on it

I have been using this backpack for a while now (read more about my experience here) and it’s been awesome having it around! It can take a massive amount of gear inside and compartments you can arrange any way you want really help with that.

Realacc FPV Racing Backpack inside

🌀 Props

Dalprop Cyclone T5040

I fly this prop by far the most and on everything.

Ethix S3 Watermelon Propellers

Gemfam Hurricane

Avan Flow 5

Happy Flying!

Georgi FPV with goggles on

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