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FPV Quick Tips

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🔼 How to flash the Taranis Q X7 internal module(XJT)?

  1. Go to FrSky’s site and download the firmware (direct zip link).
  2. Unzip the archive and put it on your radio’s SD card in the FIRMWARE directory.
  3. From the radio setup screens find the one with the SD card contents and go into the FIRMWARE directory. Long press on the firmware you want to flash and select flash internal module. Pay attention to the EU and US versions.

🔽 How low can I fly my batteries?

I prefer flying mine only up until 3.7v per cell, sometimes I could go even as low as 3.6v but very rarely. Technically, you can fly them even further, all the way to 3.5v, but I don’t recommend that and it would reduce their lifetime.

🔽 Battery storage voltage

In general good long-term lipo battery storage voltage is anywhere between 3.8 - 3.9 v per cell.

🔽 How to keep your U.FL IPEX antenna in any position you want?

I’d like to share with you one quick and easy way of fixing a U.FL IPEX VTX antenna to stay in any way you want it to. For example, at a 90 degree angle and up and away from the props, which could be a good thing.

Fix U.FL IPEX antenna in position

To achieve this, grab a small piece of shrink tube, apply some hot glue all around where the antenna connects to the VTX. Then apply a bit of hot glue all along the antenna up until the thicker part. Finally, slide in the heat shrink, shrink it with a lighter or a heat gun and hold it in place until the hot glue cools off.

I learned about this trick from this video, and so credit goes, where credit is due!