Georgi Yanev

Hi, I'm Georgi and I build things on the web with JavaScript and React

I'm a software engineer and currently work mostly with JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Electron, Node.js. You can find me on YouTube, Twitter, GitHub, Twitch and LinkedIn.

In this blog you will find posts about 🚁 FPV racing drones (reviews, building, repairing and flying), 💻 web development, 🏠 smart home automation, 👨‍🎓️ life-long learning, goals and stories as well as who knows what else in the future.

I love flying FPV drones and quite honestly all things FPV racing drones! That's why I'm spending a lot of my free time working on this blog, building quads, flying them and carrying out various tests.

I publish FPV related content on YouTube on my Fpvtips channel and dump raw unedited flight footage on my Georgi FPV channel.

I love coding and sometimes stream on Twitch. I gave some tech talks about the JAMstack with Gatsby and Netlify. You can also follow me on twitter. Most of my projects are open source and available on GitHub.

This blog was a joy to build using Gatsby💜 and is hosted on Netlify🔥.