Any suggestion for starting on FPV on a budget? just a pair of googles, and the drone itself.

October 11, 2019

I’m working on a full length post on this subject as well as a YouTube video on my channel, but here’s a couple of thoughts on this very complicated subject.

Regardless if you are on a smaller or a larger budget it mostly depends on what you want from the hobby. Are you going to be flying 5” quads? Micros / whoops / toothpick style drones? Cinewhoops? Each category is fairly different.

You could pick up a set such as this one from Emax that has goggles, controller and a very decent micro drone for about 150 bucks. That’s not a bad option for getting started. The problem with that is that you will outgrow the goggles and the controller if you stick with the hobby, which also sends that money somewhat down the drain.

My recommendation is to grab a controller like the Taranis X-Lite or Taranis Q X7 or even a Taranis X9D Lite. Those ~ 100 bucks will be the only money you spend on a transmitter in the hobby for many years to come.

For goggles, grab the Skyzone Sky 02C, yes 250 bucks is a bit too much to commit, but they are one of the best options this year and will be good for a few years, plus you can resell them if you decide to cash out of the hobby.

For a drone, I’d strongly recommend something like the Mobula7 HD if HD video and decent flying indoors and outdoors is important for you. Alternatively, there are a lot of good 5 inch quads on Banggood for ~ 150 each with top notch components. Or, if you only wanna fly outdoors but a smaller quad, grab a toothpick like the Geprc Phantom or like Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle.

Happy flying!

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