Athene - D2 Character Story

~ year: 2001 | Georgi's age: 16Unedited things the way they were in the late 90s and early 2000s
Athene story cover
Her parents were the magicion Zeus from Diablo I and the sorceress Athine-Palade from Diablo II LOD. These two magi-being people had their own two daughters named Athine-Palade and Athine-Palade II. After some years passed Athine-Palade II left their homeland and went to the east, experiencing her life in LOD mysteries. Athine-Palade (the other daughter) lived with her family for many many years, while one day suddenly from the sky fell fire! All people were anihilaited and burnt down to the ground, leaving only ashes as the last proof of their once glorious existance. Only Athine (the daughter) remained just like she was. She hadn't even one scratch. The god of hellfire left her only because he knew that he will not be able to kill her, even with all the dark powers surrounding him. He had the knowledge of Tyriel. The angel of light always had the protection of someone. First it was Zeus that the angel was protecting. Then Tyriel was protecting the LOD sorci Athine-Palade (the mother). Tyriel didn't want this to happen but orders came from above so that he had to push on and leave these two family mages, with whom he had shared many many years. He was told to go find the new born sister of this magi family, named -- Athine-Palade II. She was LOD experienced character so it was easy for Tyriel to find her. Three months later he found her at the battle-net area fighting some really good other heroes for the holy armor, known by mortal men as Arcane's Valor v1.08. She had heard of her father that he once had that armor, but during one glorious battle he was pushed to flee, so he left this powerful item. After watching how the young 76 lvl sorci slew these two paladins and one amazon, Tyriel left his hiding place and revealed himself to Athine-Palade II. He gave her the name of Matriarch of the whole mortal realm and drove her to the most distant heaven inpost. These were places of high rating, which only the most experienced and noble characters can go to. After leaving Athine-Palade II there, Tyriel was given orders to go back to her parents and protect the new born daughter Athine-Palade. Yes, these two old friends had their new daughter named after her mother. Tyriel was told to hurry, though. Dark powers were sensed to temporary surround the homeland of the magi-family. It was Tyriel who had to hurry up, becuse of the orders above, so he decided to sacrifice his own life and title for this holy operation. If he had gone the normal way back through all the towns and areas, he would had missed the attack over the mortal realm. He went through the undead realm, which he was told not to go through. Not even one angel should ever visit this place, which is known by mortal men as Chaos Sanctuary. Diablo used this place many years ago to rise his undead minions and send them to terrorise Heaven's last outpost before the shadows of Hell. This was the same outpost, named Pandemonium Fortress, that all the heroes who were brave enough to face Diablo had came to. Not even one of them, though, came back or slew Diablo. Even for Athine-Palade II, and for Her mother was difficult to do so, so they cleaverly and wisely skipped this part of their march against evil! So Tyriel had to go through this place, only by himself. The last step he had always moved in here was just before the door out from the Pandemonium Fortress. He had his fears, but none of them happened. It appeared that there was nobody inside the Chaos Sanctuary. That was no good, though he was happy that no one can stop him here. The secret thought of Tyriel already knew what was going to happed. Diablo and his minions were just about to attack the magi family. That's why orders from above told Tyriel to hurry up to protect once again the magi family against the dark powers of the undead realm. Terror, Destruction and Hatred should not come loose upon this mortal world. The other part of the adventure back was nothing but a secure and long journey in time. During all this time Athine-Palade, the "new born" sister, was already 17 years old, so she was just ready for the magicks and ancients secrets exam of the older sorceresses, mages, magis and all who pretend to use magic as their weapon for defending the Light and the mortal realm. Humans have always thought they were the best, they can do anything. Tyriel knew they can't! He was just approaching their possition, while the sky rained fire, all the rivers covered with human blood, the water was Hatred... The sky was Destruction... The wind drifting shadows of dead long ago noble heroes was TERROR... Mephisto, Diablo and Baal came among us once again. Tyriel could not believe his eyes. How could this happen. There were so many fearless heroes that fought against the power of darkness. Damn, I told the command above that Diablo won't waste time. He was preparing this powerful blow over the mortals all these years. Now I remember, why I was told not to mess with Diablo while he first attack the peaceful village of Tristram. Yep, Diablo was not in there at that moment. He created dangerous and huge monster of the souls he had killed. This monster was slain. With it the first step of conquering the humanity was made. The hero that slew it was called Kilain - a rogue from the near Rogue Encampment. She then gave birth to a kid, which she named Kilain, after her. Three day after, the skys darkened announcing that the soul of Kilain was now one of Diablo's most dangerous weapons. The small town of Tristram was almost burnt to ashes, Griswold and Wirt were killed, only one old man, named Decard Cain, survived. I drove him to Heaven's inpost for great heroes. He is sound and healthy even now... Many heroes tried to kill Diablo (the old brave Kilain). She mutated, though and everybody forgot about what she had done for Tristram. Her daughter Kilain found "Diablo-Kilain" and killed him. Once again the humans celebrated, while I knew that was not Diablo's soul again. Untill now many heroes tried to find the other two brothers, but nobody did so. Now I guess the THREE brothers found what they were searching for. When all people were killed without Tyriel to be able to do something, Athine-Palade was still alive. She couldn't believe her eyes. All her friends were dead. The sense of revenge began to torture deep inside her. Tyriel showed up. He told Athine-Palade about what was happening all these years, what he had remembered of. Should you Athine follow the Light and go after Diablo, Mephisto and Baal once again, sacrificing your life, or may be should you stand against the Light above and ask them why did they let Diablo do his show all these years. Why so many noble heroes and brave townsman had to die before Diablo. Was this script for the humanity, which it could not change. The people wanted peace everywhere. They were tired of all the bloody wars of terror, the hatred between people and the destruction of the terror and hatred. It is up to you now what to do. Choose your destiny!
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