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Leaders of the Great Dark Beyond

~ year: 2002 | Georgi's age: 17Unedited things the way they were in the late 90s and early 2000s
As I approached the castle I saw a strange light flickering in one of the windows. Perhaps now Medivh, that necromantic human mage, is learning new spells so it will be easy for me - Nielas Aran, royal conjurer, to slay this traitor. I already contacted the orcs that arrived yesterday from Northerend and now roam the lands around our castle - Stormwind Keep. They said they'll send me a 'great orcish warrior', called Grom Hellscream, to aid me in my mission. I, however, was sent by king Llane himself to kill Medivh, who is told to have opened the rift between our world and that of the orcs - Draenor. If it hadn't been Medivh the orcs wouldn't have come here in Azeroth, and thus we would have continued developing new technologies unrestrained by some stupid matters, as the arrival of the Horde. That's why, I - Nielas, have to slay Medivh and then, with the help of Grom Hellscream, try to establish a positive contact with the orcish warchief. The orcs will be our neighbours for a long time after all, or will they be? Perhaps if we kill Gul'dan - their warlock, who is said to have helped Medivh to open the rift from Draenor, the orcs will peacefully depart to their own world, because there will be no one else to lead them and thus stand upon our undisturbed healthy life. All these thoughts are only stupid guesses by my humble self. 27 minutes passed since I came near the castle and hid in the nearby bushes. Any moment now, Grom should arrive�


Suddenly the bushes in front of me moved slowly and not so surprising for me I saw that 'brave orcish warrior'. Wasting no time he began speaking with accent and difficult ... my own language. I was amused! He said that Gul'dan has powerful spells like the one that enabled Grom to speak freely my language. -We must not only kill that stupid necromancer, but also do something else. Medivh is kind of an obstacle for the Horde. The truth is that Gul'dan wants Medivh dead, because only then he will be the only one to have knowledge of things no one else has. I don't want you to think that I'm a traitor, but I had a peaceful and honorable life in my own world. I and the rest of the Horde want no war. Having in mind what our great warchief - Black Hand - had done to you so many centuries ago, I assume you want no war, too. -That was just what I wanted to hear. Well, I guess if we kill Gul'dan too, then the glorious times for Azeroth may not end? -I've told you I'm not a traitor but ... yes, that's just what I have in mind. I remember later, that Medivh was in deep trance by the time we entered his room and it was easy to slay him, as it was to kill a peasant. The next morning we travelled for 3 hours to the north, until the lands of Northerend stood before us.


Finding the warlock was harder than actually killing him. The most difficult problem, that we managed to solve anyway, was to keep the noise down. As I took out my lightsabre, called also phase blade, and while Grom Hellscream held the warlock and turned him towards me so that I could easily stab him in the stomach, I saw the same revenging, unholy light in his eyes, as I saw the same in Medivh's eyes. These two partners will surely join in the Twisting Nether and the worlds will have great danger to face, but that should be a story of another time. The last thing I remember was when I last saw the colorful cloudy blue-green world of Azeroth. I had to go through the Portal that brought the orcs here to ensure they will close the rift from Draenor. Neither king Llane, nor anyone else from Azeroth will probably ever hear about the story that I'm writing now. If you - the reader - find these sheets of paper please make sure that no one uses dark destructive spells. No attacking spells must be used, or the world of Azeroth will face his greatest menace. You must hear the end of this story, though. Something got wrong during our portal travelling and we could not leave the Nether. Facing our doom, and realizing our fate, we met the greatest nightmare ever... Medivh and Gul'dan - they were the leaders of the Great Dark Beyond. Any day now, as we are closed into this strange kind of jail, we await our destiny. There is only one thing I know for sure - if you, no matter who you are, find this book, please be sure to give it or at least retell it to king Llane. He will know what to do. It is clear that I am doomed, but the world of Azeroth must not be. This is my final word. I - Nielas Aran say so.
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