Log of Gelu's life

~ year: 2001 | Georgi's age: 16Unedited things the way they were in the late 90s and early 2000s
[LOG: 1] "Today is the big day" -- think you standing in front of the great woods of the west. Finally today we finished our journey. The ship lies at anchor in that small but beautiful bay. I shall leave my men to take care of the ship while I do something here. The bad thing about it is that much money is required, probably I'll even have to sell my quality goods. Whatever, money isn't needed now. First I need to seek for the old witch who saved my beloved village when I was a little kid. May be she can tell me more about my future. I really can't stand it anymore! All this work, which queen Catherine wants me to do. "Gelu, do that, do that, blah, blah, blah" -- she says, but I just want to rest and live peacefully in my village. I know this is imposible ... for now, but anyway. Let's see, everything comes with the time. Finishing your thoughts you turn back, look at the glorious ship of the good, and then proceed to the darkened forest ahead.

[LOG: 2.1] I am the green forest guard. I will let you pass only if you prove your courage and boldness to be great hero. I know you Gelu, but you do not. I was one of your protectors, when you were a little chaild. However, I need to know if you are ready for the great tasks ahead. Go visit Miruanda now.

[LOG: 2.2] Still nothing? Go now! You met Miruanda, didn't you? She will tell you where to prove you worth the time spent on you. Go, listen to the old witch, for she knows much more than even me.

[LOG: 2.3] Finally my chaild. You may proceed now. Go get on your ship and leave this forsaken land. The witch told you what to do, right? Ok, go and may the spirits watch over you. Good luck.

[LOG: 3] Thinking again you remember that that same witch, who you must seek was living far to the north from the place you are. Perhaps you shouldn't go to the woods to the west first! Yes, that's it! I'm going to the witch, inspired by this final blow of thoughts you go on through that small forest you are at.

[LOG: 4] "Stop!" -- you hear silence, old voice apparently of a woman. Standing still you think what is going on, while you hear the voice again. "Defeat us, and prove you are the one". You still don't know what is going on but confident in your power you proceed to discover a huge garrison made up of wood. Then you recognize some wood elves and centaur captains who preapre for battle. You now know what is happening. Shouting soundly you rush a head to the small battlefield.

[LOG: 5] Walking forward you see old hut. You are just thinking to leave this place when realize there is somebody behind you. You turn and see the old witch you've heard so much about. "I've been told to find you" -- you say. "Yes, I know" -- she replies coldly -- "tell me why are you here". "I was going to the great woods when a guard told me that he won't let me pass if I don't bring him 30 wood elves and 100 centaur captains". "We have these warriors in the village but probably you don't have any gold to buy them". "Yes, all the gold and other goodies I had were used to pay my sailors and to repair the ship". "If you help me find four-leaved clover I will give you the money required. You can go to my hut and see through the magic orb I have. Perhaps it will show you where to search. Go now!". Before you are able to ask anymore questions the old witch disappears in the wind. Looks like you got no options except to go find that four-leaved clover and give it to the witch. At that moment you ask yourself where will you find her to give her the clover? Suddenly the air fills with white clouds, which write in the sky: "Find me in the old tree near my hut". Well, now the last thing was specified. You take your hat, and run in the far south to take the clover.

[LOG: 6] Wow! It's full of four-leaved clovers here. You will just crouch and take one... "Hey, who is messing with our clovers?" -- a group of sprites is preparing to fight you, but it seems like you don't care. After all they are only some weak creatures. If you have to, you wil take the little clover by fight!

[LOG: 7] You see this small village and wonder if it can provide you with your needed 100 centaur captains and 30 wood elves. Walking forward you now realize there are much more units here than 100 centaurs and 30 elves. Having your precious units you turn back with the new centaurs and elves to the great woods to give the guard what he needs.

[LOG: 8] Walking through the great woods is a great danger too these days. You know that from your elders. You were just thinking over these words when suddenly a group of rogues and thiefs comes from the near trees. It looks like they want you dead and robbed. It's up to you now.

[LOG: 9] Having defeated the rouges your spirit rises and the whole group and you too, begin to feel a bit more lucky.

[LOG: 10] I'm the Devil of Brimstone...

[LOG: 11] I'm the Devil of Hellfire...

[LOG: 12] I'm the Arch-Devil of the Light Power... may I join you?

[LOG: 13] Wow! All these mages are afraid of the mummies? Why should I do it? Should I make it? Questions appear in your head. Not so convinced you proceed forward.

[LOG: 14] You can see the mummies that stole the artifacts from the paladin. They are sleeping but ... unlucky you! One of the sharshooters steps on a dry stick and the sound wakes the mummies up. You feel bad.

[LOG: 15] Who dares disturb us. Curse you!

[LOG: 16] You have the courage!

[LOG: 17] You have the valor!

[LOG: 18] The last thing that stands before you are these dwarfs. They are powerful enough to slay you along with your whole army, but you don't think about that now. You only think how to get out of this cursed island and continue on your journey.

[LOG: 19] "Give us all your money, or we'll never let you pass to your ship" -- says the boss of the dwarves. "Oh, yeah! Take this money" -- says one of your shapshooters and fires his arrow straight into the boss's eye. Burning with anger the dwarves attack!
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