Georgi Yanev

Sargeras' tomb

~ year: 2002 | Georgi's age: 17Unedited things the way they were in the late 90s and early 2000s
Lord Lothar ruler of Azeroth and his trustworthy captain - sir Uther Lightbringer have left the castle in search for a nearby Orcish Encampment. Rumor has it that this base cannot be simply found. The first thing to evade is the many traps, left by Troll scouts, on the way towards the base. If you survive this part of the journey it is said that you will be ambushed by an undead demonic army. Only by slaying their leader, can the rift be open, and after you enter it, by crossing over the Twisting Nether you could go to the Red World of Draenor. There you must meet the Orcish leader, called by many Grom Hellscream.

On the way to the Orcish base they met a noble leader of a Troll warband - Zuljin. He agreed to show the path to the rift to the 2 brave knights, asking in return for the exact location of the tomb of Sargeras. Not having in mind the evil that is hidden in this place, Lord Lothar tells Zuljin to go to the castle at Stromgarde for further guidance.

Rumors ain't just always true. We have passed about ten miles until now, and still there were no traps encountered. Rumors could not be just some bulshit spoken by each and every man, though. They could prove true... Lothar and Lightbringer were even more calm, no matter they were travelling through a dark forest. They got cheered up by the fact they ain't dead yet.

Suddenly the sky rain fire. The undead demonic army, called the Scourge arrived... Having at hand so much experience won by thousands of battles and quests accomplished, the noble warriors realized their position with no delay. They quickly got off their horses and prepared for battle. The Undead army was approaching. Charging at the middle of the battlefield, the mighty knights perished most of their skeletal enemies, but when the battle hit the air... Demons were here in Azeroth once again, with their lord Sargeras. The knights could not hold the hellish breaths of the demons, thus they fell on the ground, being an easy target for Sargeras himself. It was easy for him to slay those tired, wounded men.

Years after, Turalyon, son of the once mighty sir Uther Lightbringer, raised by the townsfolk of the home castle of his father's king - Lord Anduin Lothar, found his father's skeletal body while hunting wild boars. Turalyon was told of the Troll leader Zuljin, who once had deal with his father's master, so he decided to find this Troll and ask him about his father's death. People say that after receiving from the mages of Stromgarde the needed information about the tomb of Sargeras, he left travelling to the west, always to the west...

Crossing over the Great Sea they got as far as no one else did. They made it to the shadowy lands of Kalimdor. Zuljin and his most trusted friends spent 27 years in search of this cursed tomb. They failed, though. Now we are ensured that no one knows the location of this tomb. At least that's what we thought...

Night Elves arrived from the west last week, bringing chilling news about Zuljin and his warband. Unfortunately these aren't all the news they have for us. Lead by their Priestess of the Moon, the Elven Archers report that new rift has been opened in the far north continent of Northrend. Two new orcish warclans, lead by Cho'gal - a terrible Ogre-Magi, and Gul'dan - once a powerful shaman warlock, now being a death knight, practicing dark necromantic magiks, moved to the dark continent of Kalimdor, vanquishing all of the Night Elves' camps and forest towns. The only survivors of the Elves are travelling towards Azeroth, seeking us for help. We could help them, though, for they have provided us with important information. They say that Zuljin was living in peace with the Elves for about twenty years, after he quit the search for Sargeras' Tomb. He is dead by this moment... But the things are even worse...

Que'Hena, the priestess of the moon, said that Gul'dan knows the location of the tomb of Sargeras. Elven scouts report that they have knowledge of the exact plans of the Orcish Hordes. They say that Cho'gal leads one of the warclans to Quel'thalas, then turns towards the road to Azeroth. Meanwhile Gul'dan himself conquers the dark continent and then leads a small band of his elite guards to the tomb of Sargeras, which is said to be located in a vault in the middle of the Great Sea. We must stop Gul'dan from releasing terror, hatred and destruction upon this world. He must not release Sargeras!!!

Khadgar - supreme magi of Dalaran has demanded that all nations gather young, brave man that could follow him into glorious battle with the Orcish Hordes. From the half-elves' population comes Alleria - an elven ranger as noble as beautiful. A young boy from the peasants of Azeroth wants to become great hero, ready to sacrifice the little he has, so Turalyon himself plans to teach him in the basics of being an honorable knight for the human race. This young boy was named Danath.

Meanwhile Gul'dan was slaughtering all the remaining Night Elves on the continent of Kalimdor. He was preparing for his journey to the tomb of Sargeras. Cho'gal, however, was establishing a massive ground control over the ruined, once Dwarven lands of Quel'thalas. Dentarg - a young Ogre - is being trained by Cho'gal for becoming a powerful bloodthirsty Ogre-Magi, and thus getting the command over the Laughing Skull clan when Cho'gal decides. There are things you can never plan, though. Some creatures aren't thankful to you for giving them oppurtunities that many else don't have. That's just the case of Dentarg. After being thaught the ancient magiks of the Ogre-Magi, Dentarg saw the oppurtunity of removing the current leader of the Laughing Skull - Cho'gal, and thus becoming a powerful leader with the great desire of eliminating all humans. He slew Cho'gal easy enough by stabing him with an obsidian orcish knife in the back of his head. The Orish Hordes are just a bunch of critters without a leader, they didn't even understand the reason for their previous warchief's death. Many years ago it was Blackhand's bloody example of how you can take the command over all orcs in your hands, but it seemed that these hopeless creatures have forgotten even this. All they understood was that they had new leader in the face of Dentarg. So he united the different creatures under his private command easily.
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