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DJI Digital FPV system, Fat Shark Byte Frost and more ...

August 11, 2019
Georgi FPV

Hi, Georgi from FPVTIPS here with the monthly update for August 2019. And here is what's new in FPV:

DJI digital FPV system

Digital FPV systems might be closer than what we might have thought! And this comes from no other than DJI. The announcement had been quite polarizing with people hyped about the new system and people defending analog video.

Probably the most inspiring thing about this system is the feedback from pretty much anyone who had tried it so far - people are left speechless by the quality and impressed that they could see things and enjoy the world in a whole other way, compared to lower quality video feed. There’s no doubt that we all want HD in the future as its implementation improves.

There are certainly a lot of things to consider before grabbing this system in favor of an analog system. And I advise you to do some research before pulling the trigger.

Now whatever the case, it’s a fact that this is a step in the right direction, driving technology further. It might not be the answer still, but it will definitely drive others to come up with competitive solutions and advance our hobby of FPV…

DJI digital FPV system

Fat Shark’s answer to the DJI digital FPV system - Byte Frost

One such answer to DJI’s new digital FPV system came out almost instantly, and from no other than Fat Shark themselves!

We don’t have a lot of information at this point in time yet, but Far Shark has announced the Byte Frost digital FPV system and we are looking forward to learning more about it soon.

It’s always a good thing to have companies compete, as it drives to better solutions and potentially can lower prices for us end users.

Fat Shark’s announcement of the Byte Frost

Mr. Steele interview

I randomly came accross this interview with Mr. Steele on Michael Rollins’ YouTube channel and I found it very entertaining and informational.

Highly recommended if you want to learn more about Mr. Steele’s origin story.

Michael Rollins interviews Mr. Steele

RunCam 5 now available

The RunCam 5 came out recently, it only costs a $100 and is a pretty decent replacement option for a Go Pro. There are some PROs and CONs, so definitely do some research, but it could be that a RunCam 5 is enough for what you do, depending on your needs.

Check out my full RunCam 5 review, setup and video processing tips.

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Enjoy and happy flying! Georgi

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