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DRL on NBC, Drone tech advancements and DJI digital fpv

September 29, 2019
Georgi FPV

Hi, Georgi from FPVTIPS here with the monthly update for September 2019. And here is what's new in FPV:

DRL on NBC and the AI Robotic Racing challenge

Even if you are not a Drone Racing League (DRL) fan, it’s exciting for our hobby as a whole to see it coming to the big screen and on US national TV. On top of that, the arenas of the various events were pretty full too.

It’s cool as it makes the sport more popular with the general population and not that much of a niche. Who knows, maybe one-day people will watch DRL as much as they watch Formula 1 nowadays. Who knows?

The technological advancement in the FPV world

I was very happy to watch this UAVfutures video on modding the Larva X with the RunCam Nano camera.

It’s amazing where we have gone in just a year… In August 2018 I just got the Snapper7 and it was great to fly around and now we have this?! This is crazy how the advancement of technology has gone.

I loved Stu’s reaction because it reflects 1 to 1 my reaction :) Absolutely stoked to be in FPV and enjoying all of those advancements.

DJI Digital FPV system

Yes, I’m bringing this up again, because it has to be brought up! During September a lot of reviews came out that covered the DJI digital system very well.

If you only wanted to watch one review, I’d highly recommend AndyRC’s review.

It’s funny cause as awesome as it is, when it came out I wasn’t considering changing to the DJI system but as time progresses more and more I’m starting to think it might be a good idea to do it.

Ideally, I’d still like to see a bit more competition in the area so we can enjoy better products and lower prices as tech advances, but if I’m honest, I don’t complain about the price of the DJI digital FPV system. Comparing it to a FatShark HDO + RapidFire combo, I think it comes even a bit cheaper and that’s crazy!

Enjoy and happy flying!


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